Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The 100 & Shadowhunters (Tv Series) !

Ever heard about this series? Probably some of you yes but some of you might haven’t. Because I just figured out this remarkable series when I was registering my first ever account on Netflix last 3 week. I don’t think it was aired in Malaysia, I haven’t seen the title yet so far on Axn, Diva, etc. Really hope they would since this series is totally recommended if you are one of drama/movie trashes! Because I got myself stuck into the series on the first episode which is pretty amazing. I’m not a person who goes crazy on the beginning literally not when it comes to drama since I’m barely watch dramas on tv or on my lappy. My preference is something that I can instantly finish without having to wait, well some movies were adapted from the books which we know it has sequels and I have to admit sometimes I lose my patience but believe or not time surely goes faster that we could ever imagine nowadays, tup tap tup tap years passing and we grow older.

I remembered when I was watching The Amazing Spiderman 2, you know the ending was totally screwed me up and totally heartbreaking, it was the part that haunted me for few days, I thought there would be another sequel but turned out they renew the movie. I was excited to know who will replace Emma Stone actually since she wasn’t Mary Jane ( Peter’s real girlfriend ). Duh. Never gonna happen then.

Ok enough with mumbling! You will get used to me ( I always talk something that is not relatable to the title ) Back to the 100. The series were about a hundred of people from the Ark ( age below 18 ) sent to the Earth to find out whether the ground is survivable or not since the devastation of Nuclear Apocalypse 97 years ago. Well if you ask me why they were sent to Earth? Watch the series kay?


another trash that caught me into it! but this is more to fantasy, romantic, action, thriller than the 100 which obviously more to survival ( but to compare between these 2 series I'd go to the hundred ) *no need to compare tho, both are fascinating to watch* but there IS one thing in common in both series, it is violence. Both are rated with 16+ violence so any of you who can barely watch blood, massacres. Perhaps these are not part of your type.

Shadowhunters was adapted from the book too! Like the 100! Well that makes 2 in common xD. kk. In 2013, there was a movie titled ' The Mortal Instruments : City of Bones '. Had watched it but Id say the series is better ( most of the actors are much better in the series ) except for lily collins. 

The series tells about Mundanes ( human with no abilities ), Shadowhunters ( the series all about ), vampires and werewolves fight against demons. At first when I looked at the poster, I told myself, nah another typical drama but typical me too when I got myself into it and watched the entire episodes in just few days. Actually I found that the storyline was kinda interesting since it involves vampires, shadowhunters etc. 

It's currently playing on freeform and the next episode will be aired on June 5th which 2 months away from now! I don't know why it takes soo long but I think it's okay too since I can be more focused on my studies instead of watching these series all day long. 

That's all I guess? ;)

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